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Plano parque del retiro

retiro park history

Many of us have visited the Retiro Park a thousand times. But, did you know when and how it appeared? Actually we owe it to one of the best patrons Madrid has ever had, Philip IV. Also called the Planet King, he had a long government (1621-1665) and perhaps unfortunate, because the time dragged countless problems in the political and economic (wars, bankruptcies and internal problems). However, culturally, we can say that the splendor knew no limits. Philip IV had a good eye for the arts and, thanks to him, today we have one of the best art collections in the world.    What many do not know is that another of the most emblematic places in Madrid, the Retiro Park, was also promoted by him. Let’s remember its history.

The truth is that since the fifteenth century the neighboring monastery of the Hieronymites -whose cloister is now part of the Prado offices- had a space where the kings rested during their stays in Madrid (remember that until Philip II in 1561 Madrid was not the capital of the kingdom). This «royal room» became more and more important with the Hapsburgs until Philip IV, encouraged by the intelligent Count-Duke of Olivares, devised the construction of a great palace of rest, which would be called the Buen Retiro Palace. The project was in the hands of the architect Alonso Carbonel and was completed in 1629, beginning its construction in 1630.

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Another infallible plan, is to rent a boat in the pond, it costs between 6 and 8 euros to rent it. Reservations are accepted, so if it is a holiday or weekend, we recommend you call to book before, at 915 744 024.

Tour the park at your leisure on a bicycle, stop for an ice cream and go to the garden of Cecilio Rodriquez to see the peacocks. If you also take some sandwiches and a blanket, you will have a great picnic. A day that your children will surely remember.

Another plan that will undoubtedly be very successful is skating. Next to the statue of the Fallen Angel, and in the Paseo de Carruajes, you will see a lot of skaters of all levels practicing this sport. That is the best area since the asphalt is smoother there and there are not so many people walking around.

To our adult bikes you can easily attach baskets where you can put the picnic and picnic blankets that we also offer. There is no excuse to take the whole family to spend a great day in the Retiro Park.

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Located in the heart of Madrid, its origins date back to the reign of Philip IV, when the Buen Retiro Palace was built on the initiative of the Count Duke of Olivares. In the reign of Carlos III the Astronomical Observatory and the Royal Porcelain Factory of Buen Retiro were added. During the reign of Ferdinand VII, the pond pier and the Casa de Fieras were built. Among the highlights of the park are the large pond with the monument to Alfonso XII, the Casa de Velázquez and the Crystal Palace, the Rose Garden, and the Parterre, which has one of the oldest trees in Madrid, the Taxodium mucronatum. In 1935 it was declared a Garden of Historical and Artistic Value.

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ATENCIÓN: El Retiro y otros ocho parques de la ciudad (El Capricho, los Jardines de Sabatini, la Rosaleda del Parque del Oeste, Juan Carlos I, Juan Pablo II, la Quinta de Fuente del Berro, la Quinta de los Molinos y la Quinta Torre Arias) pueden cerrar si las condiciones meteorológicas son adversas. En estas ocasiones también se aconseja no visitar la Dehesa de la Villa y el Parque del Oeste, que no tienen puertas y no pueden cerrarse al público.

Con más de 125 hectáreas y más de 15.000 árboles, el Parque del Retiro es un oasis verde en el corazón de la ciudad. En él encontrarás todo tipo de monumentos y jardines interesantes, como el Jardín de Vivaces, los Jardines de Cecilio Rodríguez (jardines clasicistas de inspiración andaluza), los Jardines del Arquitecto Herrero Palacios, la Rosaleda o el Parterre Francés, que alberga una conífera mexicana de casi 400 años y que se cree que es el árbol más antiguo de Madrid.

El Retiro, favorito de madrileños y turistas, es un lugar ideal para patinar, dar un largo paseo o hacer footing. Salpicado de parques infantiles de diferentes tamaños, es igual de popular entre los más pequeños.