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Casa rural portugal norte

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Casa rural portugal norte

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Porto is the second most important city in Portugal. Located in the north of the country, next to the mouth of the Douro River, it is made to be visited on foot, through its narrow streets full of history and nostalgic air. Its old town, declared World Heritage Site, is home to important monuments such as the Stock Exchange Palace, the Cathedral, the Episcopal Palace or the Clerics’ Tower, as well as unique charming hotels in Portugal. Take a look at our hotels in Portugal.

In the Central Region, Coimbra is the university city par excellence of Portugal, as well as the cradle of the Portuguese kings. Located on a hill on the banks of the Mondego River, Coimbra preserves Roman constructions such as the aqueduct and the cryptoportico, as well as medieval buildings, when it was the capital of the country. Admire the headquarters of the University, the Cathedrals, the Church of Santa Cruz, the Commerce Square, or the Botanical Garden. In the same region, Aveiro is known as the Portuguese Venice because of the canals that run through the city center. The Beira Mar district is the most popular, where the essence of its history is concentrated, with its narrow streets, the typical traditional architecture and the smell of salt. Not forgetting the tiles, present in all types of buildings.

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The Casas de Serapicos are two rural houses located in the north of Portugal, very close to the border with Aliste (Zamora); specifically they are located in the village of Serapicos, belonging to the municipality of Vimioso, in the district of Bragança, in the region of Trás-os-Montes. They are two old semi-detached single-family houses, both of which have fireplaces. The houses have been restored in stone and wood, respecting the architectural elements typical of the old houses of this area of Portugal, the so-called Terra de Miranda or, more broadly, the northeast of the Trans-Montes region.

The Casas de Serapicos are two rural houses in the north of Portugal, located in the village of Serapicos. They are two old semi-detached houses, with fireplace. They have been restored with stone and wood, respecting the architectural elements of the old houses of this area.

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The house was built in the XVIII century, with a chapel of the same period, constituted by a set of buildings that live to its great central patio; space where in the past several agricultural activities were developed, but also cultural activities. In the chapel, even today you can appreciate its huge scallop carved in stone and embedded in the imposing main facade, which adorns the Oracle of Nossa Sra. da Piedade.

A place of rural tourism, in Soengas, Vieira do Minho, it enchants by the familiar welcoming that it provides to its visitors, offering them an environment decorated with beautiful and harmonious rural landscapes. 1733 was the year when the farm was built, a characteristic farm house, which is now an excellent destination to enjoy the best rural tourism that Vieira do Minho has to offer.

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Casa dos Assentos é a casa principal de uma antiga quinta, separada agora das actividades agrícolas, a propriedade cobre ainda uma área de 1ha, totalmente convertida em jardins e integrada no «Turismo no Espaço Rural» da Região do Alto Minho.

Barcelos fica mesmo no coração do Minho, com as praias de Viana do Castelo a 25 km a Oeste, Ponte de Lima e a sua deliciosa gastronomia a 18 km, o Parque Nacional da Peneda Geres a 25 km a Este, Porto a 70 km a Sul, e a fronteira espanhola a apenas 70 km.