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The who the seeker

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The who the seeker

The island of feelings

Directories: They were the first Internet search engines that are characterized by organizing information based on categories, themes, location, etc. Today they are an active and influential part of SEO as we will see below. Yahoo, Terra, Dmoz… do they ring a bell?

Once we focus on the type of hierarchical search engine in which we are going to execute our SEO strategies, it is important that we know how it works to understand some very important factors in SEO positioning.

Currently SEO and user experience are closely connected. This is because the main objective of search engines is that the user finds the answer to what he is looking for.

By offering the user a fast loading speed we will have more chances that the user decides to stay on our website. But be careful, because not only the loading speed depends on the improvement of the user experience (later we will see in more depth the loading speed and how it influences SEO).

The nightingale and the rosebook by oscar wilde

One day the Seeker felt that he must go to the city of Kammir. He had learned to pay strict attention to those sensations that came from a place unknown to himself, so he left everything and set out. After two days of marching along the dusty roads, he spotted Kammir in the distance.

The Seeker passed through the gate and began to walk slowly among the white stones that were distributed as if at random, among the trees. He let his eyes, which were those of a seeker, linger there. Perhaps that is why he discovered, on one of the stones, the inscription…

The nightingale and the rose

Regional web directories integrate in the same site businesses, services, companies or participants of a certain sector, focusing on a specific commercial territory, thus creating a community that facilitates navigation, location and marketing. These directories promote the economic growth of the sector they are focused on, since they put within reach of the user the possibility of discovering suppliers that he/she did not know existed and thus solve a purchasing need.

The king and the plague

Suddenly he felt he was forgetting the village and succumbed to the temptation to rest for a moment in that place. The seeker passed through the gate and began to walk slowly among the white stones that were randomly distributed among the trees. He let his eyes rest like butterflies on every detail of this multicolored paradise. His eyes were those of a seeker and, perhaps because of that, he discovered on one of the stones, that inscription:

He met his girlfriend and fell in love with her? How long did that enormous passion and the pleasure of meeting her last?… One week?, Two?, Three and a half weeks?… And then… the emotion of the first kiss, the wonderful pleasure of the kiss? How long did it last?, The minute and a half of the kiss?, Two days?, A week?…?

And the pregnancy or the birth of the first child?…, The marriage of friends?…, And the most desired trip?…, And the meeting with the brother who returns from a distant country?… How long did the enjoyment of these situations last?… Hours?, Days?…?

Texts like The Seeker, a story to reflect, allow us to connect with our emotions and think about our own life. Through this story by Jorge Bucay, we realize that the real time we live is very short and that it is worthwhile to make the most of it. Enjoying the good moments and learning from those more difficult experiences helps us to understand and know ourselves better.