Marc marquez en el hormiguero

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Marc marquez en el hormiguero

el hormiguero 3.0 – marc márquez

Regarding the quarantine, Marc confessed that cooking is not one of his strong points and that he knows how to cook «grilled chicken and boiled pasta». He also revealed that he is making an effort in cleaning: «I’ve cleaned more these days than in my whole life and I assure you that it’s tiring. It’s sport too «More than three weeks without a motorcycleOn a more sporting note, Márquez said he hasn’t been able to pick up a motorcycle since the day before the confinement «and by chance.» «Now I’m with exercises, the exercise bike… a maintenance until normality returns. «The reigning world champion has been recovering since the end of November from a shoulder operation that is costing him more than he expected. «The shoulder is still there.  The operation touched a nerve that affected the deltoid and now it’s starting to activate.»

marc márquez shows how he is and how his bike works

The Moto GP rider has been live on ‘El Hormiguero 3.0: stay at home’ to tell us how he is living this time of confinement due to the state of alarm. Marc Márquez has confessed us the rules he has with his brother to be able to ‘fight’ with his brother, has given us advice to get out of a difficult situation and has told us how he is recovering from his new shoulder injury.

Roberto Leal, presenter of Pasapalabra, has received the Ondas Award for Best Presenter. The Atresmedia journalist wanted to bring his mother on stage to present her with the award in the middle of an emotional speech.

best moments of marc márquez in el hormiguero

Álex Márquez was a guest on the program ‘El Hormiguero’. That’s why his brother Marc, who is recovering from a shoulder injury, recorded a video for Pablo Motos through which he wanted to play a joke on the pilot.

«Pablo, what’s up? It took me a while to send you the video because look how I am, with my shoulder…. Otherwise you know that I’m in for a bombing. I’d be here with you,» said the Catalan. «Careful, don’t hesitate too much with this one, he’ll take two heads off you. I’ll get four fingers out of you, but he’ll get two heads out of us. Watch out.

marc márquez how would it be a competition between the

The night began with a reception with the sound of We are the champions by Queen in his honor, something that is usual in the Atresmedia program every time an athlete celebrates a victory. First of all, the presenter wanted to know what it feels like to run at such high speeds as they reached.

At 355 kilometers per hour, the speed that his motorcycle manages to reach, he assures that he feels «calm». While mortals may think that at that speed it is impossible to calculate the movements, the rider explains that the eye gets used to it. «What’s hard are the curves,» he said to the surprise of the interviewer.

Joan Mir’s victory has meant the return of the Japanese Suzuki brand to the top. «Will they give you a wave when you pass in your team?», asked Pablo Motos. Joan acknowledged that there was indeed a celebration with the members of his staff, and that there were even hugs between everyone, despite the restrictions to avoid contagions.

The absence of Il Dottore, joined that of Marc Marquez, the great favorite to revalidate the Moto GP title. After being asked by the presenter of El Hormiguero, the rider assured that he did not really want to answer those who criticized his final victory due to the lack of the main rivals on the grid.