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Kawasaki zxr 750 telefonica

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Kawasaki zxr 750 telefonica

kawasaki ninja zx10r second hand

This first version is known as H1, and its 107 hp engine at 10,500 rpm (maximum torque of 7.8 kgm at 9,500) was rough and demanding on its rider, but not as much as its stiff chassis and stony suspensions. 3.5 and 5.5 x 17″ wheels with modern radial tires (120/70 and 170/60), 310 front discs with 4-piston calipers…

Declared power went up to 115 hp at 11,000 rpm, with 7.9 kgm of maximum torque at the same 9,500 rpm as before. The lines of the chassis did not change, but it was lightened in some points and strengthened in others.

The double arm swingarm stamped with rectangular section and upper reinforcement of the H1 was changed for a diamond-shaped one, with tensioners in front of the axle instead of at the ends. The wheelbase grew considerably, reaching 1,445 mm, 35 more than on its predecessor.

It should be noted that the kits offered by the brand to compete easily reached 130 hp at the wheel, a figure that today may seem scarce, but then close, if not superior, to that of the most sporty 1,000 series of the time…

yamaha r1 second hand

It really is still an extravagant idea and in a way that misuses the nostalgia of the well-known myth. Kawasaki ZXR 750 «phone «but we must also recognize that it is a formula that works. Just look at the success of the famous Kawasaki ZXR 900 Legend of Japan.

In addition to the well-known Kawasaki H2, Kawasaki has implemented its supercharger technology on more than one model, as we did with the Kawasaki H2 SX or the latest Kawasaki z h2. Given that the Akashi brand shares mechanical platform with different types of motorcycles and the growing nostalgia fever breaks with the proven, we can’t deny that Kardesign is very wrong.

suzuki gsxr 600 second hand

Take a seat and make yourselves comfortable, today we are going with another of those mythical motorcycles that traveled our roads and that, in addition, on their own merits are worthy of entering our particular test area that we call «Those wonderful motorcycles». After a Japanese twin-cylinder with crossplane engine like the 1998 Yamaha TRX850 and a mythical Suzuki with the everlasting SACS engine inside, the 1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750, it’s time for us to get on the 1991 Kawasaki ZX-R 750 J1 or, as everybody knows it: the telephone one.

As in all these tests, we like to give the particular touch that deserves the bike we have tested and hence we tell you how is the story that made it reach the current owner. A true motorcycle enthusiast who does not hesitate during his month of vacation to load two bikes on the trailer and make more than a thousand kilometers and I don’t know how many miles on a ferry to enjoy his hobby on the winding roads of the land where he was born, Asturias. And when the vacation is over, halfway back again with everything on his back.

zxr750 h

Although I do not usually enter at this time and taking advantage of the fact that I am having dinner at a friend’s house I have entered here and I take the opportunity to tell you that I have a debt pending with this bike. In September 90 I had a very serious motorcycle accident precisely the same day that I had met an acquaintance to test his (then) brand new ZXR 750 and I was left with the desire. I love this bike with its peculiar tubes above the dashboard and I would not «die» without owning one.

I’m in Mallorca and I’m selling mine which is also from 1989, with all the horses it had when I bought it, intact paint, carbon exhaust and stainless steel manifolds, if you are interested E- Mail [email protected]