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Honda ct 125 españa

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If you like new bikes with a twist, love the vintage vibe or the scrambler vibe, then the new Honda CT125 Hunter Cub is going to be your favorite scooter. Why? Because it doesn’t have to be any funnier. It takes as a reference the Honda Super Cub, the world’s best-selling motorcycle, to transform itself with a convincing scrambler style. Are you more of a fan of the Cafe Racer style? Watch out for this Honda Super Cub by K-Speed.

The Super Cub has always had a very unique style, a simple and simple bike but at the same time robust and unstoppable. In this case, the Honda CT125 Hunter Cub takes those attributes to a new level, with an irreverent aesthetic that you either like or hate: what is clear is that this scrambler scooter has been created to leave no one indifferent.

Everything retro and vintage is in fashion, so it would not be strange, as long as the price does not skyrocket, it could be a cult bike. Of course, do not expect great performance when turning the way: the 125cc engine is the same as that of the Super Cub: a single cylinder of 9 hp and 11 Nm of torque associated with a 4-speed semi-automatic transmission.

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The Honda CT125 at the moment is just a prototype that puts the punk and adventurous point to the revived Honda Super Cub C125 that the brand presented in 2018. However, despite being just a concept it has all the looks that in the near future it will be a real model and that it will be manufactured complementing the more urban bike.

Considering that Honda gave a good facelift to the iconic Japanese scooter of which more than 100 million units have been sold, it is logical that now comes another model a little more daring and intended to play both on road and off-road terrain, although without going overboard.

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The Honda CT125 concept was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2019. Good news, Honda is launching the production Honda CT125 Hunter Cub at their virtual motorcycle show this week. Want a super cub that can go off-road, here you go!

Then we know the CT125 is all about traveling and exploring. Honda had us covered with their traditional carrier to help users carry their hobby / trekking accessories. The 409mm x 477mm luggage carrier with cargo hooks can carry any hobby / trekking tools and accessories safely.

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El precio de venta al público de una Trail 125 nueva es de 3.899 dólares, pero ahora mismo es difícil encontrarlas en los concesionarios. A menudo, cuando eso sucede, se ve a la gente tratar de voltear motos apenas usadas con precios de venta locos. Esta vez, el vendedor está dejando que el mercado decida lo que vale su ejemplo de 185 millas con una subasta sin reserva, y tengo curiosidad por ver dónde termina.

El vendedor de este ejemplo (VIN: mlhja5559m5001477) lo compró nuevo el mes pasado, pero aparentemente ha encontrado algo más que ha querido durante mucho tiempo, por lo que está dejando este ir para ayudar a financiar la nueva adquisición. Tiene 185 millas, 90 de las cuales provienen de «disfrutar de la Ruta del Queso de Wisconsin», que es algo que no conocía pero que ahora necesito probar yo mismo. A ver si la puja supera el MSRP o no…