One Computer and one Laptop


Computer hardware:
The hardware part of a computer is the monitor, the mouse, the keyboard, the computer data storage, hard disk. The houses of the components for  the computer  is a metal enclosure .
The  main component is the motherboard for the computer hardware .
The components of the motherboard include: The CPU (Central Processing Unit) performs most of the calculations called “brain” of the computer. The Random-Access Memory (RAM) stores the code and data that are being actively accessed by the CPU.
The Read-Only Memory (ROM) stores the BIOS that runs when the computer is powered on or otherwise begins execution, a process known as Bootstrapping, or “booting” or “booting up”. Samples of computer data storage are Harddisk and DVDwiter, these  computer components retain data. Data storage is an important function of computers.
We can store data at computer using more media equipments.
Removable media:
If we would like to transfer data from one to another computer or laptops , we can use USB flash drive.
For input information into the computer and for  control  operations we can use the keyboard.
All computers have a keyboard and a mouse, but laptop systems use a touchpad instead of a mouse.
Other input devices of a computer are joysticks, microphones, webcams, and image scanners.
The output devices for sample monitors display information for humans in readable form.
Output devices are printers, speakers, monitors.

One Laptop and one Smartphone............................................................................................................. One Computer

Fix Phone network (Part Two)

In telecommunication domain there are 2 main technologies: Adsl technologies and VDSL technologies.
Adsl technology in an old technology with little internet speed (kbit,mbit).
Vdsl tehnology is a new technology where we can use big internet speed.
In the present we can use the following internet speed kbit,mbit,gbit,tbit.
In Vdsl  tehnologies the optical network uses fiber optics , enclojers and fiber optic terminals.
In optical Network between fiber optics and terminals of fiber optics ONT we use an optical cable with pig tail.
Types of the ONT is  HG8242, HG8240. 
In VDSL network there are two types of network: optical netnetwork and electronical network.
In electronical network we can find next echipments: Master, Electronic Amplifier and one distributor with 1 input and 2,3,4 output.
Among Ont, Master, Electronic Amplifier and distributor we can use utp and coax cables. 
All these equipments are outdoor. The company uses these equipments out of house.
Indoor equipments have two type:
1. For houses and little buildings : fix phone equipment is ata and for internet and tv use modem Eoc Slave.
2. For big buildings: Fix phone equipment is MGCP and for internet uses switch.
In houses and little buildings all indoor equipments use coax, utp and telefon cable.
This technology uses RDS-RCS company. The name of technology is stuctured cabling.

One Shelter at one bloc......................................................................................................................................................................One Shelter near one pillar

Mobile Phone  network ( Part Three )

In Mobile Phone  network there are 3 main Technologies: GSM technologies , UMTS technologies and LTE technologies.
In Mobile Phone  network the main build is a site.
In one site we can find a build, a pillar and antennas.
In a site there are three types of builds: shelter, delta, Apm.
The biggest build is shelter, the medium build is delta and the least build is Apm.
In shelter , delta or apm are the following equimpents:  safety sockets, fuses, chargers, alarm terminals, batterys, odf , router nec passolink, bbu.
A pillar can be constructed from a piece of iron or replaced with a block of 10 floors.
Between delta and pillar we can find RRU.
The link between RRU and delta is optical cable.
The link between RRU and antenna is Jumper.
In Orange network GSM(2G) uses 2 frecvencyes: f1=900 GHz is for  voice and f2=1800 GHz  is for date.
In Vodafone network GSM uses 1 frecvency f1=1800 GHz is for date.
In Orange and Vodafone  network UMTS(3G) use 1 frecvency f1=2100 GHz.
In Orange and Vodafone  network LTE(4G) use 1 frecvency f1=2600 GHz.  
In Mobile Phone  network there are 2 main Technologies of antennas: Square and round.
Square antennas serve mobile phone for people.
Big  round antennas are microwave antennas which keep links beetwen sites.
Little round antennas is microwave antennas which keep links beetwen sites and clients.
All what you can read in this chapter is mobile network of orange and vodafone company.

Some antenas serv mobile phone

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Autocad 2D Arhitectural Drawing Sample:

Here you can see some AUTOCAD 2D Arhitectural drawing

Sample 1.

Here you can see one HOUSE DRAWING.

PDF file: Click here for download

Autocad file: Click here for download File1, File 2

Sample 2.

Here you can see one MECHANICAL DRAWING.

PDF file: Click here for download

Autocad file: Click here for download

Sample 3.


Autocad file: Click here for download

Sample 4.

Here you can see one CANAL NETWORK.

Autocad file: Click here for download

Sample 5.

Here you can see one WATER NETWORK.

Autocad file: Click here for download

Sample 6.


Autocad file: Click here for download.

Sample 7.

Here you can see one SCALES PLATFORM WITH LENGHT 18m.

PDF file: Click here for download

Autocad file: Click here for download.

Sample 8.


Autocad file: Click here for download.


If you want to see autocad dwg file please use one new version of autocad for example Autocad 2015.